January 9, 2023

Security Analysis - Chapter 46

Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd was first published in 1934. It is a fundamental book for serious students of value investing.

This chapter marks the beginning of Part 7 of the book. Here authors begin with the topic of Stock Option Warrants.

Warrants differ from subscriptions right in that they are longer-term, and the purchase price is usually higher than the current market price. However, they are similar to low-priced common stocks with a speculative capital structure which was discussed in chapter 41

Warrants are a call on the future of the company from a qualitative perspective. But, that is usually difficult to ascertain. Quantitative factors are easier to figure out.

From a fundamental perspective, issuing warrants, in effect, reduces the value of the common stock. As most market participants don't understand this, warrants have been the subject of abuse.

Chapters 47 and 48

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